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Angio Kit
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Angio Kit

  • Product Name : Angio Kit
  • Trade Name: Angiographic Kit, Arrow
  • Application : Cardiology
  • Material Used : Medical Grade PVC, Stainless Steel
  • Packing : Poly Pack


Angio Kits or Angiography Kits widly used in the field of interventional medicine and dialysis. Angio Kits is a convenient disposable system for for PTCA Angiography.

A Standard Angio Kit Contains:

  • Manifold 2 Port
  • Right On - Pressure Monitoring Line Clear 100cm
  • 4 IV Set Non-Vented
  • 4 Syringes 10ml
  • 02 Nos- PM Line Clear 100cm
  • 4 Syringes 10 ml Luer Lock


  • Angiography Kits contains Manifold 3 RN, IV Set Vented + Non Vented, Pressure Monitoring lines 48", High Pressure Tubing 10".
  • One way valve is connected to the one side of manifold. Non-toxic medical grade. P.V.C. tubing is attached to both ends. Luer lock male connections are provided at ends. E.T.O. Sterile and Pyrogen Free.
  • Custom designed kits are available as per requirement.
  • Selection from wide range of Manifolds, Fluid Delivery Systems, Pressure Monitoring Lines, Syringes, Hemostasis Components, Control Syringes.
  • Individual components are also available in sterile packaging.
  • Various packaging configuration available (pouches, drapes wrap, tray)
  • ETO sterilized.