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Angiographic Guidewire
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Angiographic Guidewire

  • Product Name : Angiographic Guidewire
  • Trade Name: NAMIC, Radifocus
  • Application : Cardiology
  • Size Available : 0.018" to 0.038"
  • Material Used : Stainless Steel & PTFE Coated
  • Packing : Poly Pack



Stainless steel guidewire with or without PTFE coating. These products are offered as sterile CE-marked. Available in straight & jugular tip.

Guidewires are intended for use in the percutaneous introduction of catheters.


  • Store in a cool, dark, dry place.

  • The provided dispenser is the best means of storage and handling of the guidewire. Guidewires should be routinely inspected prior to use and discarded should any deformities be present in the guidewire.

  • Use prior to the "Use By" date.

  • Do not withdraw the guidewire through a metal cannula needle. Withdrawal may damage the guidewire or coating.

  • If strong resistance is met during manipulation, discontinue the procedure and determine the cause for the resistance before proceeding. Avoid bending, kinking or modifying the shape of the wire.