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Aspiration Catheter
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Aspiration Catheter

  • Product Name : Aspiration Catheter
  • Trade Name: ASAP, ClearHunter
  • Application : Cardiology
  • Size Available : 6F, 7F, 6F Extra, 7F Extra
  • Material Used : Stainless Steel
  • Packing : Poly Pack


Aspire Catheter takes control of the Aspiration process in sync with the proven leader in thrombus removal. It also features a small diameter that enhances crossing and contrast visibility.



  • Extra stiff also available.
  • 25cm Rapid exchange length.
  • 0.014" Guidewire compatibility.
  • Depth Positioning (Radiopaque markers).
  • Tapered tip for smooth catheter transition.
  • 6F Guide catheter compatibility (0.070" min. ID).
  • Large aspiration lumen to facilitate quick aspiration.
  • Extrusion wire braided kink resistant 145cm catheter.