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Ryles Tubes
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Ryles Tubes

  • Product Name : Ryles Tubes
  • Trade Name: Nasogastric Tube
  • Application : Gastro-Enterology
  • Size Available : FG 8,10,12,14,16,18,20
  • Material Used : Medical Garde Polymer
  • Packing : Poly Pack, 50/Box, 600/Carton


A Ryles Tube is a narrow bore tube passed into the stomach via the nose. It is used for short- or medium-term nutritional support, and also for aspiration of stomach contents - eg, for decompression of intestinal obstruction.



• For Nasogastric introduction for nutrition and aspiration of intestinal secretion.

• Soft and kink resistant tubing with frosted surface.

• Closed distal end with metallic balls sealed into the tube to assist the passage of tube during intubations

• Four lateral eyes for aspiration and administration

• Tube with radio- opaque line for x-ray visualization

• Marking 50, 60, 70 cms from the tip for accurate placement.

• Length 105 cms