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Trocar Catheters
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Trocar Catheters

  • Product Name : Trocar Catheters
  • Trade Name: Intercostal Drainage Catheter with Trocar, Thoracic Trocar
  • Application : Cardiology,Anesthesia
  • Size Available : FG 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 & 32
  • Material Used : Stainless Steel, Medical Grade PVC
  • Packing : Poly Pack, 10/Box, 100/Carton


Trocar is a medical device that is made up of an obturator (which may be a metal or plastic sharpened or non-bladed tip), a cannula (basically a hollow tube), and a seal. Trocars are placed through the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery. The trocar functions as a portal for the subsequent placement of other instruments, such as graspers, scissors, staplers, etc.

Trocars are used in medicine to access and drain collections of fluid such as in a patient with hydrothorax.



· Specially designed for quick non operative pleural and chest drainage.

· Flat handle facilitates easy maneuverability.

· Large smooth drainage eyes for efficient drainage.

· Markings provided at 5, 10, 15 & 20 cm. from the distal tip to help ascertain depth of penetration.

·Proximal end is fitted with tapered connector for easy connection to drainage bottle. 

· Sterile, individually double packed in a peelable pouch.