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Top 10 Pharma Tablets Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Pharma Tablets Manufacturers in India
Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing Companies in India The Indian pharmaceutical industry is growing at about 8 to 9% annually according to a brief report of “Pharmaceutical Industry in India”. This page contains a comprehensive list of pharmaceutical companies in India including some of the top pharma tablets manufacturers and suppliers. Explore… read more

How to start a wholesale pharmacy business in India?

If you rate the most successful business in India, then pharmacy business will get a high score. It is not influenced by monetary cycles. Start your wholesale pharmacy business after completing the formalities and reap big profits. As the awareness of health and fitness increases, and medical facilities attain new… read more

How to Take Franchise of a Pharma Company?

Taking franchise of a pharma company is at boom everywhere around the world. People are earning big profits because of the ever-increasing demand for healthcare services. Since the business looks lucrative, young and aspiring entrepreneurs want to build their career in the niche. It takes efforts to start the business… read more

How a PCD Pharma Franchise is Different from a General Pharma Franchise?

In the franchise mode, a pharmaceutical company gives the authority to market the products to the resellers. The franchise gets not only the business rights but the required support as well. The model read more

Pharma Blogs 2016

Pharmaceutical industry is renowned for innovation. New drugs are continuously being discovered and marketed around the world. Furthermore, new mergers and acquisitions are happening in the pharmaceutical industry on a regular basis, and new studies are being conducted quite regularly by the pharma companies. Hence, if you want to keep… read more

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